Promoting Mathematical Resilience


I am really pleased to be speaking about my Maths for Parents course at the Promoting Mathematical Resilience Conference at The University of Warwick, taking place 4th – 5th March.

It seems that for years through the Maths for Parents course I have been helping parents build mathematical resilience– without realising! Mathematical Resilience has only fairly recently been identified through Clare Lee and Sue Johnston-Wilder’s work at The University of Warwick.

But these things can change!

‘Can you write some sums for me, Mummy?’ said her son to Gill, one of the mums on a recent #MathsForParents course I was running.

We normally start each session sharing what has gone on between sessions and Gill confided that before doing the course, this sort of request would have filled her with dread. She would have begun to panic and she would not have known what to do.

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Great … Fun at the beach!

Glad to say that my grandchildren are coming to visit and we intend to make the most of the good weather and visit the beach.

There’s plenty of opportunity to play games at the beach and make maths part of everyday life!

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Everyday Maths … time

It is so easy to overlook how much we use maths as part of our everyday life.

For example, travelling up to London by train reminded me how much maths is required just to plan this trip!

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Best Wishes for The New School Year …

New school year and so much is happening.

I know of many friends whose children are starting school for the first time or moving up to senior school. All the very best in your new ventures.

So Chuffed!

The #MathsForParents course has just recently finished.

I was really struck by the comment from one parent:

‘Feel happy. This course has changed my negative view.’

It is so great to hear this as for so many people negative attitudes to maths is such a heavy weight.

I feel so chuffed!  I must get this course out to more people!

At the first AGM of the Tutors’ Association 16th July 2014

Went to the first AGM of the Tutors’ Association yesterday. It was really good to meet people and be part of stimulating discussions.

Excellent talk from Professor Emerita Judy Ireson about her research on tutoring.