Help Your Child Do Maths Even If You Don’t


I found it easy to read and believe that many parents and grandparents will benefit from reading this. Merle, grandparent.

I think so many parents would benefit from your book and not only for Maths.

So all I can say is that I am truly impressed at the way the book is laid out, the easy access to what could be some difficult ideas for parents who feel stuck, and the non-judgemental feel of the book.

I think with home schooling a lot of parents have felt frustrated and anxious and I do hope they read your book so that they can feel empowered, rather than guilty.

Mary, grandparent.

I do like your book - it’s easy to read and understand and small enough not to panic overwhelmed parents!  That section about starting from where your child is at, is spot on.

Dr. Denise Lawungkurr Goodfellow, birdwatching/natural history guide, environmental/Indigenous tourism consultant and writer, from Darwin, Australia.


Help Your Child With Numeracy books

Teacher's comments about both books

I found Rosemary's books clear and concise. They explain the Maths thoroughly and make the Maths very accessible to parents. I would recommend them to parents at my School
Sally, year 5 teacher Tower Hamlets.



Classroom Assistant's comments about both books

An attractive and clear presentation of the way maths is taught today in the classroom.
Marie-Anne, Classroom Assistant

Grandmother's comments about both books

Maths is taught so differently now that a book like this is a must for any parent or grandparent who wants to help a child. I know this because [my granddaughter] wanted to do some maths with me whilst we were away. We did division multiplication and adding and it was no way as I remember.
Joan, Grandmother

About Help Your Child With Numeracy: Age Range 3-7 years:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these books, have learnt from them and have ideas to use in my own setting from them. I give these books 9 out of 10 for relevance for supporting the learning of 3 to 7 year olds either as a parent or carer
Sasha Edmunds, Childminder, NCMA (Continuum website)

This is an easily accessible book to read. You can dip in and out of it and it provides helpful guidelines and ideas as to how you can practically help your children.(I have one 5years old and one 4 years old) I would highly recommend to any parent who needs guidance as to how they can best support their child at home.
Eloise (Play.com website)

This book is a lively and attractive introduction to the maths that young children learn. It offers parents clear descriptions of the ways in which maths is taught in schools today, as well as examples of the kind of calculations children will learn at different ages. There is useful advice on how parents can help children, and some nice ideas for activities to help children develop their mathematical thinking in their everyday lives.
Jan Winter, Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol

About Help Your Child With Numeracy: Age Range 7-11 years:

An excellent easy to use book that is a great help to any parent with a child ranging 7-11 years. The layout is easy to follow and each section explains clearly and simply what your child is doing at school as well as showing you how to do the maths problems yourself. A brilliant tool for EVERY parent. Highly recommended.
H. Collins, Plymouth UK (Amazon website)

"In refreshingly jargon-free style, Help Your Child with Numeracy Ages 7-11, explains the major mathematical ideas now taught. Parents baffled by children coming home and talking about ‘empty number lines' or doing calculations differently to how they were taught should find this book helpful in demystifying school mathematics. This book will support parents in having meaningful conversations about maths with their children and so may help make learning numeracy more enjoyable for all."
Dr Mike Askew, Professor of Mathematics Education, King's College London. Visiting Distinguished Scholar, Math in the City, City University New York, November 2008
Professor Mike Askew (Continuum website)

"This is an excellent resource for any parent who wants to support their child's learning. The teaching of numeracy has changed so much since they were at school. Rosemary Russell explains current approaches in straightforward, easy to follow steps. Many adults who have struggled with maths may find they too are helped to understand concepts for the first time. This is a very readable and well presented guide to Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Maths."
Sheila Burton, Area Principal Educational Psychologist. Co-author of Emotional Wellbeing: an introductory handbook. October 2008
Sheila Burton (Continuum website)