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Help Your Child DO Maths even if you DON’T:
10 things that anyone can do to help their child with maths 
Paperback –

byDr Rosemary Russell(Author), Adrian Russell(Illustrator)




1. Relax: It Really Is That Easy
2. Provide the Right Environment
3. Start from Where They Arc
4. Expect More Than One Method
5. Add ‘Yet’ to Every- *1 Can’t Do’
6. Understand the Growth Zone Model
Show Them How to Get Out of the Red Zone
8. Encourage a Growth Mindset
9. Don’t Scream: Pass On a Positive Attitude
10.Make Maths Part of Everyday Life

Appendix: Methods of Subtraction

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” Full of tips to help families support their children with learning maths. Whatever your own feelings about maths, you can help build your child’s confidence with the subject and pass on positive attitudes towards learning. This book gives some simple suggestions for where to start.”

National Numeracy.  



“If you want your child to do well in maths this book is a great place to start. In a quick and easy to read format it outlines 10 important points to consider which will help you to help them more effectively. And all without doing any maths whatsoever!”

Dr Katie Baker, Centre for Global Learning: Education and Attainment, Coventry University



” I enjoyed reading this. It’s a very simple and reassuring script for parents, gently discouraging the more unhelpful responses we may all have slipped into giving our children at times and modelling more supportive attitudes that encourage parents and children to learn together.”

Sheila Burton – Educational Psychologist



As well as giving advice on how to help your child with maths, the Help Your Child With Numeracy books give clear explanations of methods used today to teach maths. Here are some of the things parents have said about the books:

Mother of child in Reception,

‘I love the books, they are very pleasing to the eye, very easy to understand, nice illustrations and the right amount of pages.’

Mother of a child in Year 1,

(My son) straight away started asking me what the pictures were about and has brought it to me several times since!!

I have to say I am genuinely loving it and finding it really easy to read and enlightening. I have definitely been keener with our maths practice! I really feel reassured by what I’m reading, so thank you! We’ll let you know how we get on as we go along. I can see I’m going to get a brain-stretching re-learning experience as I help (my son) – I learnt procedures by memory at school much more than understanding what I was doing. Didn’t expect to be suddenly learning what maths is really about at this stage :)!

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Purchase Help Your Child with Numeracy Ages 7-11

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