Useful Links


Here are some useful resources that I can recommend which can also be used to help your child with numeracy.

1.  National Numeracy has a wealth of resources to help parents support their children with maths. See their Family Maths Toolkit :

National Numeracy also recommends my Help Your Child With Numeracy books as resources for parents. See:

2. The BBC has some good resources to help support your child's work in maths. You can see these on their Bitesize website:

3. The Maths Anxiety Trust aims to eliminate anxiety about maths. They have a very useful free Guide for Parents of children with Maths Anxiety. You can download the
booklet here: The Maths Anxiety Trust - Home

4. Solihull Council have some really useful links to resources to help parents if your child is very anxious about maths. You can access them here:Parents-top-tips.pdf (

5. Maths on Toast, the family maths charity, have some lovely ideas for families to help make maths fun. See: Home | Maths on Toast

6. I am very pleased to be supporting National Numeracy's Challenge Online, and am a National Numeracy Challenge Champion, encouraging others to use the Challenge Online to improve their numeracy.

The Challenge Online is a confidential, informal, interactive website which helps you to assess your numeracy, learn everyday maths online and gain confidence. Do have a go! The access code from my website has been filled in for you.