Useful Links


Here are some useful resources that I can recommend which can also be used to help your child with numeracy.

 1.  National Numeracy has a wealth of resources to help parents support their children with maths. See their Family Maths Toolkit :

National Numeracy also recommends my Help Your Child With Numeracy books as resources for parents. See:

 2. The BBC has some good resources to help support your child's work in maths. You can see these on their Bitesize website:

 3. Some schools have been sending home Parent Booklets that give a list of numeracy targets for your child for the year, and give ideas of how to help your child with mathematics. You can download these for yourself at:

 4. Department for Education has produced some information for parents to help support their children in Year 5 and Year 6 with learning mathematics.

 5. NIACE (The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education, England and Wales) have some helpful publications for parents. See also which has many other useful resources and links.



 6. The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) ( provides resources for all teachers of mathematics.

One element of the portal which you may find particularly helpful is the NCETM Mathematics Teaching Self-Evaluation Tools which we also reference in the

7. I am very pleased to be supporting National Numeracy's Challenge Online, and am a National Numeracy Challenge Champion, encouraging others to use the Challenge Online to improve their numeracy.

The Challenge Online is a confidential, informal, interactive website which helps you to assess your numeracy, learn everyday maths online and gain confidence. Do have a go! The access code from my website has been filled in for you.