Where’s my seat? Ah! There’s my seat …! The wonder of Spatial Reasoning

I recently heard this story from a grandmother who had bought some tickets to take her cricket-loving grandsons to see a T20 cricket match.

There was great excitement!

‘Can I show you the cricket ground on Google Maps?’ one of them asked her. She was more than happy to go along with this suggestion. After all, her grandson’s technical skills were much better than hers!

She was so impressed as he used Google Maps to find the cricket ground. Then, looking at the venue’s website together, they looked at the seating plan and found out where they would be seated; then, back on Google Maps, found out where they are going to sit and what the view is like.

This activity is actually very mathematical. It is using what is known as Spatial Reasoning and this is a very important mathematical and practical skill.

For example, you use this skill to find your seat at a wedding reception once you have seen the seating plan.

We can easily help a child to develop this as we use this skill quite a lot in our everyday life.

From a very early age, helping your child to grasp the concepts of what ‘under’ means, or ‘on top of’, or ‘over’, or ‘beside’ … is so important.

The Early Childhood Maths Group have designed some wonderful posters explaining this more. Do take a look!

Spatial reasoning toolkit posters – ECMG (earlymaths.org)

Enjoy your Easter Holidays!

Bilingual Welsh/English version of ‘Help Your Child Do Maths Even If You Don’t’ now available.

In 2014 the Welsh Government ran an advertising campaign encouraging parents to be positive and not speak negatively about maths in front of their children.

They recognised the importance of this very simple thing that parents can do to help our children have a positive, can-do attitude to maths, and that is:

Pass on a positive attitude to maths

In fact, the psychologist Tanya Brown said:

‘Perhaps the single most important thing that parents can do to help their children with maths is to pass on a positive attitude.’

This is one of the simple things I discuss in my book, Help Your Child Do Maths Even If You Don’t.

I am so delighted to say that the bilingual Welsh/English version of my latest book has been published and is now available. Please see that link.


Help is at hand

My Help Your Child With Numeracy books are proving very popular with parents during lockdown I hear as they are helping to explain methods used to teach maths in schools. Do take aa look at them. They are available on Amazon. Just follow the link.

Happy New Year

This Blog has been a long time coming!
My last Blog post was in December 2019 and the world has really changed since then.
I have been busy in the meantime. I reworked the book I was working on at the time and am pleased to say the result, Help Your Child Do Maths Even If You Don’t, was published in September 2020, by AR & RR Education.
It has received really good reviews, and National Numeracy recommend it too.
I am pleased to say I shall be giving my first Zoom author talk this year on 18th February 2021. More details to follow.
In the meantime I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy 2021.

Maths Without The Maths

I am so excited about my forthcoming book, Maths Without The Maths.

The book explains how anyone can help their child even if they hated maths at school and think they are ‘rubbish’ at it.

I shall be sharing tips from the book about how you can help give your child a ‘can do’ attitude to maths at my author talk on Wednesday 5th February 2020, 10.30 am,  at the Winchester Discovery Centre.

Please save the date and come along. Book your tickets here:


Yes, singing nursery rhymes is a fun way to help!

I was so delighted to see many parents with babies and toddlers at my Maths Week London 2019 Maths for Parents event at The Greenwich Centre Library on 11th June 2019.

I was reminded that singing nursery rhymes is an easy, fun way for parents to help their children with maths.

You can check out some really good nursery rhymes – words and music too – on National Numeracy’s Family Maths Toolkit:


Do see my Family Maths Toolkit Blog about this too:


Have fun!

Maths Week London 10-14 June 2019

I am so excited about being involved with Maths Week London, which is taking place from 10 – 14 June 2019.

Maths is such a cool subject and having a ‘can do’ attitude is a key attitude to encourage.

The success of Maths Week Ireland and Maths Week Scotland was so encouraging – over 80,000 pupils took part in Maths Week Scotland this year – that Sumdog, the organisers, want to share that success by bringing Maths Week to London.

I shall be sharing how parents and carers, without any specialist maths knowledge, can very simply encourage a ‘can do’ attitude in their children. Do come along!

I will keep you posted with further details of my event!

Please follow the link to find out more about Maths Week London:


Sydney Opera House Sails

I was utterly gobsmacked to learn recently about Joseph Bertony, the man who designed the crucial arch that made possible the fabulous ‘sails’ for the iconic Sydney Opera House.

What an amazingly inspiring life story! What amazing mathematical prowess he possessed. He did 30,000 calculations by hand for the design of the sails. These were checked later by the only computer available at the time in Australia to deal with these kind of calculations and yes, Joseph’s calculations were accurate. He had not made a single error.

The sails of Sydney Opera House are beautiful. I felt so emotional the first time I saw them. It is wonderful to learn about the engineer. You can read more about Joseph by following this link:


Maths really is such a cool and beautiful subject. Without the maths, nobody would have dared to build it!

Here is a photo I took of the Sydney Opera House showing the sails from the Manly ferry.

‘Her maths scores doubled!’

‘I put into practice what you recommended Rosemary, and my daughter’s maths results have doubled since!’ said one delighted parent after attending my author talk at Lytchett Matravers library on 11th January. She also found my book Help Your Child With Numeracy: Age 7-11 very helpful.
It really is very simple how parents can help and support their children with maths. It all starts with realising that, as a parent, your love, care and support has possibly the biggest positive influence on your child’s achievement.
Take a look at my home page for more tips!
There are two other author talks in the pipeline – I will keep you posted! Have fun!

Supporting Libraries Week

I am really looking forward to my Maths for Mums & Dads session at Dorchester library next Thursday, 11th October, 2 – 3 pm.

Not only am I supporting Libraries Week – libraries can play such an important part in a child’s growing up, introducing them to books and so many other resources – but also, I will have the opportunity to share how parents can help their child to have, and continue to have, a ‘can do’ attitude to maths.

Do come along!

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