Monthly Archives: January 2021

Help is at hand

My Help Your Child With Numeracy books are proving very popular with parents during lockdown I hear as they are helping to explain methods used to teach maths in schools. Do take aa look at them. They are available on Amazon. Just follow the link.

Happy New Year

This Blog has been a long time coming!
My last Blog post was in December 2019 and the world has really changed since then.
I have been busy in the meantime. I reworked the book I was working on at the time and am pleased to say the result, Help Your Child Do Maths Even If You Don’t, was published in September 2020, by AR & RR Education.
It has received really good reviews, and National Numeracy recommend it too.
I am pleased to say I shall be giving my first Zoom author talk this year on 18th February 2021. More details to follow.
In the meantime I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy 2021.