I love pineapples …!

Wow it’s really amazing! Heard about how Farm Africa helped some farmers in Kenya increase their income from pineapples … Decided to send off a mathematical activity for Farm Africa to use, if they want … I do wish them well in all their projects! Must get on and prepare that pineapple …

Hi! I’m back …

What a year I have had … I’m now a grandmother!! The ‘little one’ is so gorgeous! He’s now 15 months old and growing so fast … Parents trying to help their children with maths is being highlighted once again … Must get on and send off my new book proposal to Bloomsbury on how parents and schools can work more closely …

‘Oh … I’ve even done the homework,’ she said.

Happy New Year.
What a busy start to the New Year!
Have just managed to sort out a time for the second session of the Maths for Parents course I am running. The aim of the course, which is spread over 4 sessions, is to help parents help their children with maths. It takes in a bigger picture than just how to recognise methods used in schools. Among other things, we look at ways to build a child’s confidence and also, how to decode school reports!

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Happy Christmas!

It’s still difficult to get around here due to the snow. Glad I was able to do all the shopping I needed to yesterday!
Have a Happy Christmas!

For Year 10 parents – How To Help Your Teenager With Maths

I get many parents of teenagers asking me how can they help their children with maths. I have loads of advice, particularly as I teach in a senior school, but I want to get down my thoughts in this blog especially for parents of students in the current Year 10.
One big piece of news for these parents is the introduction of the new Mathematics GCSE, which started this Autumn with current Year 10 students.

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It’s so welcoming …

Was very encouraged by a comment made about the website by a parent. ‘It’s so welcoming and very friendly!’ Great I thought – if that means people can visit a website about maths and not be put off and feel welcomed, I am very pleased!

Good on her!

Stopped by a friend today who did the ‘Take the Test’. She didn’t know there was another way to subtract that was very different from her method. She has made a mental note to make sure she went into her daughter’s school when maths evening available.
Great I thought – it has warned her that methods might be different, and she is going to do something about it! Good on her!

Would you believe it!

No sooner had this site gone live than we have a couple of friends over for dinner; discussion turns to my work, I tell them about Take the Test and it turns out (with much No, I do it that way and You don’t, do you?) that they subtract differently. What’s more, they’d been married for 25 years and never realised… I’m looking forward to hearing some more stories!


What an exciting and interesting time to be launching my website!
 It’s the beginning of a new school year. For some, it is the start of a new phase in your life as your child starts school for the first time.
But in it all, as parents, you are there for your children, guiding them through.
My hope is that my website will be of help to you as you do that.
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