Mid-way into the new Maths for Parents course. Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 went very well. There is a real mixture of people in the group. There are those who hated maths / it was their least favourite subject, as well as those who loved maths! There are males and females, parents and a grandparent. Unsurprisingly to me, in our small group we have a mixture of those taught Equal Addition and those taught Decomposition as a written method of subtraction.

Reminds me to continue to make known these two methods so parents are not taken by surprise! Even though we are so mixed, the group is really working together well – helping each other too. It is really encouraging to see people suddenly realise how they can very simply help their children with maths through every day activities, games and singing!! They have done very well too trying out different methods of calculating, and seeing how their children are being taught. Looking forward to Lesson 3 tomorrow!