Yes, singing nursery rhymes is a fun way to help!

I was so delighted to see many parents with babies and toddlers at my Maths Week London 2019 Maths for Parents event at The Greenwich Centre Library on 11th June 2019.

I was reminded that singing nursery rhymes is an easy, fun way for parents to help their children with maths.

You can check out some really good nursery rhymes – words and music too – on National Numeracy’s Family Maths Toolkit:

Do see my Family Maths Toolkit Blog about this too:

Have fun!

Supporting Libraries Week

I am really looking forward to my Maths for Mums & Dads session at Dorchester library next Thursday, 11th October, 2 – 3 pm.

Not only am I supporting Libraries Week – libraries can play such an important part in a child’s growing up, introducing them to books and so many other resources – but also, I will have the opportunity to share how parents can help their child to have, and continue to have, a ‘can do’ attitude to maths.

Do come along!

Best Wishes for The New School Year …

New school year and so much is happening.

I know of many friends whose children are starting school for the first time or moving up to senior school. All the very best in your new ventures.

What annoys me most …!

Watching The One Show. Fiona Bruce mentioned what a torment it is helping her 10-year-old son with maths. Chatting things over with my son got me thinking about how to help parents help their children with maths, and how I need to teach teachers how to help parents do that … I finally worked out what annoys me most! I’m glad that parents are being invited into schools to see demonstration lessons on how maths is taught.

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I love pineapples …!

Wow it’s really amazing! Heard about how Farm Africa helped some farmers in Kenya increase their income from pineapples … Decided to send off a mathematical activity for Farm Africa to use, if they want … I do wish them well in all their projects! Must get on and prepare that pineapple …

Hi! I’m back …

What a year I have had … I’m now a grandmother!! The ‘little one’ is so gorgeous! He’s now 15 months old and growing so fast … Parents trying to help their children with maths is being highlighted once again … Must get on and send off my new book proposal to Bloomsbury on how parents and schools can work more closely …

Happy Christmas!

It’s still difficult to get around here due to the snow. Glad I was able to do all the shopping I needed to yesterday!
Have a Happy Christmas!

It’s so welcoming …

Was very encouraged by a comment made about the website by a parent. ‘It’s so welcoming and very friendly!’ Great I thought – if that means people can visit a website about maths and not be put off and feel welcomed, I am very pleased!


What an exciting and interesting time to be launching my website!
 It’s the beginning of a new school year. For some, it is the start of a new phase in your life as your child starts school for the first time.
But in it all, as parents, you are there for your children, guiding them through.
My hope is that my website will be of help to you as you do that.
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