Parental support in the news again: The most important help – providing the right environment

Glad to see that parental involvement in supporting their children’s education is once again in the news. The question is as always what sort of help should be given?
The importance of providing the right environment is highlighted by Hilary Wilce’s article in The Independent.

This echoes what I said in my Help Your Child With Numeracy books and on my website about the most important help – providing the right environment. Make sure your child has a good diet, gets enough sleep and has a mixture of social activities. Have a laugh with them! Having this balance is very important, especially during exam times when they are older – and parents are generally much better equipped than teenagers when it comes to keeping things on an even keel!
It is also so important to realise that we learn in different ways, and to respect that. Nor should we make assumptions too readily: not all boys are outspoken or disorganised, neither are all girls quiet and subdued.
Parents do have an important role in helping to give the right balance.  Being aware of what is going on in schools today with maths means they can also support their children’s learning without confusing them.